Nadia Vaeh - 'Heavy'

Nadia Vaeh gets hot and ‘Heavy’ on sultry electro pop single.

Polished to perfect, there’s a bubble gum twist on Billie Eilish here as eerie, warped dark textures contrast Nadia Vaeh’s lush, atmospheric vocal on current single, ‘Heavy’. There’s a brooding magic to the track as bold electronic beats pierce through muggy synth textures. But the track changes sonic shapes playing with warm blasts of futuristic sound and melodious, laidback spacious arrangements, pairing tones reflecting mellow bliss with flavours of danger.

On the track Nadia Vaeh explains it is about, “Two lovers trapped in a manipulative relationship – but they can’t help but keep playing because the game is too fun. When I wrote it, I pictured the song’s muse and I caught in a tense of poker”.

’Heavy’ is an infectious, twisted dance with dysfunction, leaving its listener with an insatiable thirst for desire.

Words of Karla Harris