Kane Miller - 'Through That Door'

Kane Miller shares humble and heartwarming indie folk on ‘Through That Door’, the third single to be revealed from LV Music’s ‘Cabin Sessions’ six track EP.

Kane Miller champions intimacy, human connection and vulnerability in a really pure, heart on your sleeve kind of way on current single, ’Through That Door’ that makes you want to love bravely and boldly. This is angst-free, uplifting, singer songwriter goodness with a cinematic folk leaning sensibility that sees Miller drawing from contemporary influences such as Iron & Wine and Damien Rice, without losing a sense of his own identity.

In terms of the theme Miller explains, "Through That Door is a song about finding the person you know you want to come home to every night and knowing, without a doubt, they are everything to you. No matter what happens in your life, you can walk into a room and just seeing them there makes everything better. You can know it from the first moment your eyes meet or it can take awhile but in the end they make your world spin round”.

’Through That Door’ glistens with organic textures, poetic lyricism and beautiful male/female vocal harmonies which just makes you feel happy inside. The track is the third song to be released from LV Music’s ‘Cabin Sessions’ EP which is a six song collaborative project between six artists, written and recorded in a secluded cabin in the words over four days, with Grammy Award Winning Songwriter and Producer, Femke Weidema, and Nashville Recording Engineer, Joshua Reynolds at the helm.

Words of Karla Harris