Karate Blocks – ‘Speaking Tongues’

Karate Blocks strike a chord on new single ‘Speaking Tongues’ for those ready to kick the place down!

‘Speaking Tongues’ is the latest single from Nashville trio Karate Blocks. It’s a raucous rock n’ roll tune about “a house party gone bizarre” – and you can tell. The song begins with a chromatic punch on the guitars followed by a stripped back take on the chorus. From the off, ‘Speaking Tongues’ is like early Kings of Leon (before they became famous rock stars), with the crunchy American garage rock sound combined with catchy melodies. The fact that the single was partially recorded live gives it that extra kick.

However, it’s not as simple as that in ‘Speaking Tongues’. The bizarre comes in the form of a psychedelic inspired breakdown in the middle. There are strange space rock swirls that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Hawkwind record. The piercing guitar leads and the building of power in the drums just make you want to bounce off the walls. And just to add a little texture, the addition of the trombone that bookends the track add something special and make Karate Blocks stand out from other bands.

This is a great track. ‘Speaking Tongues’ is a frenzy of pure rock n’ roll. It’s the first single from their upcoming EP Put Your Blinders On, so we’re all in for a treat.

Words of Matthew Brocklehurst