F.N - 'Reverie'

F.N puts a chill twist on break up blues in his smooth indie pop debut single, ‘Reverie’.

F.N makes a super smooth introduction for himself on his debut single, ‘Reverie’ . Although the lyrical theme seeps loneliness, melancholia and displacement, F.N’s RnB infused vocal is intimate, warm and reflective, surrounded by clean, crisp and spacious production seeing the track move with a buoyant, upbeat fluidity.

On the track F.N explains “‘Reverie’ captures the bitterness of a relationship's end. When you're stuck inside your head and overthinking. When the loneliness overwhelming. When you can't help but hope they're unhappy without you. In particular, the chorus points at the old flame's new romance and how history seems to repeat itself. All the memories that were made with you are now being replaced by someone else”.

Despite the depth to the lyrical theme, F.N has created a track that has strong summer vibes in its shimmery tropical infused synth and relaxing production. It’s a great song to chill out to with a relatable theme, where the emotion resonates regardless of what your current relationship status is.

Words of Karla Harris