Avi Snow - 'Here Now'

We’re throwing it back to 2018 to show appreciation for New York musician and producer Avi Snow’s smooth indie electronic single, ‘Here Now’.

Avi Snow has stepped away from the genre-bending instrumental sound he’s used to as the guitarist in City of the Sun to embrace a soulful indie electronic infused sound on his new solo side project. From its haunting, smooth vocal and poignant lyrical theme, to its tight guitar groove and ice cool, mysterious synth, ‘Here 'Now’s’ glacial production leaves its listener feeling chilled to the bone.

It’s a catchy , tight, contemporary sound that despite its minimal approach, is ambiently and affectingly layered in such a way that it compels your body to moody groove beyond your control. ‘Here Now’ is both a cerebral and visceral tune you feel from the inside, out.

Words of Karla Harris

Avi Snow has also released a handful of songs this year, which are versatile yet equally brooding, chilling and danceable in their own right, and available for you to give a spin over on Spotify, here.