Brad Couture - 'Lightleaks'

Brad Couture exemplifies beauty on illuminating instrumental composition, ‘Lightleaks’.

’Lightleaks’ opens with the haunted bare bones of a melancholic yet peaceful piano melody and the subtle wails of ethereal ambience, before gradually climaxing into a resplendent swelling cinematic soundscape bursting with hope. ‘Lightleaks’ does exactly what the title suggests. It’s a stunning song that sees Brad Couture send light and warmth through the cracks of darkness and loneliness with the promise of better times ahead.

One of my favourite things about contemporary classical and cinematic music is that it comes from a very personal place for the composer. But it wordlessly offers its listener the opportunity to set their own narrative to each swelling, sorrowful, soaring, sweeping note. ‘Lightleaks’ bleeds melancholia, but it does so in a way that makes its listener feel safe and comforted. Couture recognises that most of us are interrelated and connected through our ability to intrinsically feel human emotion - from the deepest pits of sadness, to our most jubilant and life affirming highs and everything in between.

That’s what ‘Lightleaks’ is. It’s an expansive journey through orchestral excellence and the complexities of human emotion; from hopelessness to hopefulness. It’s being trapped in a dark tunnel and suddenly, that tiny crack of light that leads to pure unadulterated freedom. It’s that gentle nudge that this too shall pass. It’s heroic.

Words of Karla Harris