The Artist Explains: Bonniesongs - 'Frank'


Bonniesongs' video for new single 'Frank' is an ode to the reanimated monster from Mary Shelley's classic novel Frankenstein. She took a moment to talk to us in more details about the ghoulish visuals.

Where was the video for 'Frank' filmed?
The first half was filmed in my old asbestos-filled garage and garden; the other was in an old sports club that is now a creative rehearsal space, both located in Sydney.

How does the video connect with the song?
The song is inspired by the story of Frankenstein, and so I was very excited to get something visual to match the eerie tale. I love zombie movies, so this was an excuse to finally live the dream and be a zombie/monster with my friends! I wanted it to be really silly, as most old horror movies were so DIY and silly too. Much like the novel, the song switches narration between the monster and Dr. Frankenstein, as I wanted to blur the lines of who was truly the monster or "bad guy”. I wanted to portray how the Dr is excited to make the creature but then is instantly afraid and rejects it. The monster is sad, lonely and then becomes vengeful. I really love having a posse in a music video, so I gathered some more monsters and we take the Dr down!

Do you have any behind the scenes stories you could share with us?
Well it was a lot of preparation of props and costumes! I made the monster dresses from some old white curtains, and collected a lot of friends’ science and brewing equipment, along with a retro mixer, bungee cords, coloured cables, brains in butter churners and stuff like that! We also were planning the music video for my single 'Ice Cream' at the same time, so it was a crazy time. We managed to film it all in 2 days though. Originally I wanted my acrobat friend Phoebe to do some aerial scenes as well, because Frank features in a circus show we do together, but we just didn't have the time!

Could you tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
A lot of movie inspiration here! Films like Frankenstein, Night of the Living Dead, Jurassic Park, The Brain That Wouldn't Die, and probably more…the song and video is about being misunderstood, judged, and underestimated—about power and identity. I also wanted there to be a bit of a feminist message in there. I had wanted all the monsters to be women, but my friend Rhys really wanted to be a zombie, so I let him into the gang!

Is there a message the video is trying to convey? / What do you hope people take away from watching the vid?
I hope they laugh as well as scream. It would be a great thing to take away that it's cool to be silly; that you shouldn't underestimate or judge anyone; the world would be great if we could all be ourselves and be accepted; revenge is sweet; and, if in doubt, rock it out.

Energetic Mind is released 6th September 2019 via Small Pond Records (UK) and Art As Catharsis (AUS)

Bonniesongs live w/ Natalie Evans:
18.09.19 - Leicester - The Cookie
19.09.19 - London - The Islington
20.09.19 - Bristol - Cafe Kino
21.09.19 - Cardiff - The Dojo, Pontcanna
23.09.19 - Leeds - LS6
24.09.19 - Canterbury - Bramleys
25.09.19 - Brighton - Nowhere Man