Coastlines - 'ILSE'

Coastlines deal with the consequences of temptation on scorching retro-infused indie single, ‘ILSE’.

I’m really picky about enjoying 80s synth inspired songs but Coastlines are really hitting the spot for me on ‘ILSE’. ‘ILSE’ sonically channels a feeling of bliss from its breezy, shimmering instrumentation to its catchy vocal melody. It’s initially a spacious song that takes its time on the verses to let the vocal shine, then transforms into a tighter groove on the feel-good chorus.

But it’s not all sweetness and light. ILSE reveals itself as a sonically turbulent tune alongside the suspenseful self-realisation in the increasingly impassioned lyrics, “I love somebody else, you’re suffocating me.. I love somebody else… your kiss can only kill, I love somebody else” before climaxing into a danceable indie rock tune showing off a searing guitar solo alongside the track’s underlying infectious percussive rhythm.

It’s a heartfelt and hooky tune born from regrets, mistakes, longing and love that sees 80’s influences pulled into 2019 feeling fresher and more re-energised than ever.

Words of Karla Harris