The Artist Explains: Hein Cooper - 'Invincible'

Australian artist Hein Cooper talks to us about his moving music video for ‘Invincible’ and the significance of cherishing the people who are important to us.

Where was the video for ‘Invincible’ filmed?
It was filmed just north of LA in California on a ranch.

How does the video connect with the song?
This song is all about the realisation of who it is in our lives that truly understand us. I’ve had some moments on the road where I’ve connected with people from completely different walks of life more than back at home with people I know really well and this is what inspired the video. The connection between the young troubled hero and his grandfather is stronger than with his own parents (who left him) and through the trauma a beautiful thing happened.

Do you have any behind the scenes stories you can share with us?
I wasn’t there when the video was shot but I remember being on tour in Australia in January and my girlfriend (who was helping me with the drive) and I were in a McDonald’s carpark on our way to Melbourne from Sydney. It was ridiculously hot and the car we were in was about to breakdown (but we didn’t know it yet!) We were Skyping with Max (director) about the idea and we were trying to figure out the best way of doing it and that was when we had the brain wave of the two people being from different walks of life and something about that fusing with the car and the heat and McDonald’s was memorable in a weird way!

Could you tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?

I’m not too good with visual stuff and how it all works but the most important thing to me for this video was the emotional element. I wanted it to break people inside. I wanted it to cut through their pride and into their hearts to see the more pure connections and relationships in their lives and be thankful for them. When I watched it for the first time I cried in a room full of people and I knew that he (director Max Galassi) had done it!

Is there a message the video is trying to convey?
I want this video to make people think about who is most important to them and cherish them.

Interview feature by Karla Harris

 ‘Invincible’, taken from Hein Cooper’s new album, ‘Underneath It All’ out now via AntiFragile Music.