Talii - 'Thickness'

TALII_PHOTO_PRESS_THICKNESS1(Credit_Graham Oakley).jpg

For her latest release, ‘Thickness’, R&B singer Talii releases a body-positive bop.

No word sums up Talii’s new song better than sensual. Her intimate, whispery vocals float over a lo-fi pulsing drumbeat and grinding synth organ. Partnered with lyrics about looking and feeling her best, Talii has an aspirational body confidence on the track; an impressive assuredness beyond her years. 

The track has a tropical holiday feeling, with a tempo reminiscent of gentle waves creating an ultimately chilled atmosphere. The feel-good message of the song complements this vacation vibe expertly. Sonically, the song is a treat, turning the airwaves into silk before massaging your ears. 

Despite being an evergreen genre, there’s certainly a new wave of laidback female R&B stars, fusing soulful sounds of the past with a modern twist and absolutely killing it at what they do. Talii is surely one of these, with the ability to lead this new surge of body positive, independent, liberated women in music. Thickness is a powerful, positive song for a powerful, positive movement.

Words by Jarrad Saul

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