Live Review: Earthgang - Electric Brixton, London 26/09/2019

Earthgang - Electric Brixton - 26-09-19-35.jpg

Trippy Atlanta born duo Earthgang have always been known to bring a metric ton of energy to their shows, that mixed with London’s love for anything rap related was a match made in heaven; tonight’s crowd at Electric Brixton had some high expectations!

The screams were deafening as Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot aka Earthgang bounced onto stage, Johnny looking like an eccentric festival veteran dressed in yellow raincoat and huge wellington boots, ‘LaLa Challenge” was an obvious choice to come out to, which the crowd definitely agreed! The pair’s ability to constantly engage the audience with huge sweeping dance moves and hilarious between song puns; after a huge entrance the Dreamville duo mixed and matched songs from their previous EP’s ‘Rags’ and ‘Robots’ like the popular ‘Meditate’ sadly missing the favourite verse from fellow Dreamville rapper J.I.D. the majority of the set was filled with tracks off the latest album from these two ‘Mirrorland, such as ‘Top Down’ and the uplifting & positive ‘Proud Of U’ which they encouraged the crowd to sing/scream along to. The later portion of the set was dedicated to songs from the collab album ‘Revenge Of The Dreamers III’ which includes tracks with previously mentioned J.I.D and even Dreamville captain J.Cole; ‘Wells Fargo’ flipped the crazy switch in everyone’s brain, because instantly people were dancing and moshing from the front to the back!!

A quick thank-you and sign off from the two-piece before closing the show with fan favourite ‘UP’ satisfied any final expectations from the now sweat dripping audience, Earthgang are kings when it comes to playing such a chaotic show but never looking like they were breaking a sweat! They took this headline London show in their stride; no doubt the next time they come back across the pond those strides will be even bigger.

Words and Photography by Joe Dick

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