The Artist Explains: Nia Wyn - 'Stay In Your Lane'

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Nia Wyn has just released her new track ‘Stay In Your Lane’, which oozes that R&B vibe with a soul attitude thrown in. She took a moment to talk to us about the track and her plans for the new few months. 

Your track ‘Stay In Your Lane’ is out, what is the track about?
It's a collection of experiences - navigating the world as a woman in general, and then more specifically as an artist in the music industry. Some lines represent the current landscape of a group of men feeling emboldened by having Donald Trump and Boris Johnson as world leaders - and using the internet to spout their shit, hiding behind anonymous usernames. And then large parts of the song were written about negative experiences I've had with strangers or even people I was working with in a team in the music industry who have patronised, intimidated or looked down on me as a woman artist. I'm big into hip hop, so I wanted to use that influence lyrically to make it a 'fuck you' tune in response to those situations, and tell a story.

Where was the track recorded? Are there any behind the scenes stories that you are willing to share?
The track was first recorded as a demo a fair while ago, then I brought it to Turkish Dcypha and George Hasbury who I had wanted to work with for ages, and so then it was recorded across a couple different studios. The behind the scenes story is actually more the subject matter - an incident with someone who I was working with who was intimidating and patronising toward me and left me shaken. I had some space from the situation, wrote these verses and came out definitely feeling stronger.

You grew up in a small town in Wales, which town was that? What is it most famous for?
I grew up in Llandudno, North Wales. Its known for its tourism because it's a Victorian seaside town. A lot of people from Merseyside come to visit which is why I think we all sound a bit Scouse up there. People know it as being quaint and that to visit, but I found it difficult growing up there because I didn't feel like I fitted in anywhere. Aesthetically it does have some beautiful places though.

The new single tackles frustrations that yourself and a number of women/non-binary musicians experience on a daily basis. Do you feel it is a serious issue that should be discussed more within the industry? Do you see it improving any time soon?
I think people are discussing it more now which is a start... and women / NB artists are feeling more confident and having more space to talk about these issues. But realistically, the issues we face in the music world aren't happening in a vacuum, these set of problems are present in most industries and wider society, so work has to be done really in every corner of to push back on sexism and misogyny, and both overt and subtle discrimination against minority identities. The visibility of strong women artists, especially women of colour, queer and trans artists on the scene right now is doing a world of good in inspiring others and I think we really have to continue and push that.

When it comes to female/non-binary artists, who do you look to in the industry right now as setting the standard in leading in what they are doing?
The first names that come to my mind are...
Little Simz. First and foremost she is an incredible musician, an all rounder - and she's a top business woman. Independently through grind and persistence she's carved her place and inspired a lot of other women/NB artists without needing a major label behind her. Aaaand she's on the acting game now too!! Shura and Kehlani because they've brought female sexuality and queerness to the forefront of their music and their tunes consistently bang. HAIM too because they are the epitomy of multi-talented, and I really wish they'd been around when I was a little girl learning guitar, cos they are true rock stars and they have Stevie Nicks loving them too. she dedicated a song to them at the Fleetwood Mac Wembley shows this summer.

You are releasing an EP early next year, what can we expect from it?
This EP is going to be a strong introduction to who I am as an artist and what I've got coming... expect that fusion of soul, rnb, hip hop, storytelling lyrics. It'll be a taste because I have so much more!!

Now the single is out, what are your plans for the next few months?
I've got so much music I want to release, but I gotta keep it paced. So next will be a couple of singles and then an EP. I've also got my headline show at The Waiting Room in London on 19th November. I'll be playing some of the new tunes with full band, and rehearsals are hot at the moment so very excited for that show!After opening for Louis Baker earlier this week at Omeara London, I'm really excited to be playing live in different cities with the band, and collaborating with other musicians too on writing projects.

Nia Wyn will headline the Waiting Room in London on the 19th November, you can buy tickets here.

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