Hayden Everett - 'Loud'

LA songwriter Hayden Everett sends a gracious message of unconditional love, ‘Loud’ and clear on current indie folk influenced single.

Following in the footsteps of ‘Who Are You’ and ‘Colour’, ’Loud’ is the third track to be released from Hayden Everett this year and sees him stepping away from his contemporary indie electronic and soulful retro influences as seen on previous tracks, to embrace the folk leaning side of his sound, showing him at his most earthy, expansive and ethereal yet.

In terms of the lyrical theme, Everett explains, ‘Loud’ is a song of resolution to doubt and questions. The observation of unconditional and nonexclusive love and grace rises above the noise of heavy questions. While these frustrations and questions are still fully valid, their significance becomes lessened next to simple truths”.

Sonically, ‘Loud’ is a welcoming and considered tune, seeing Everetts warm and sincere vocal float above a simple yet pleasing guitar melody, accompanied by swirling ambient textures and punchy percussion, creating a blissful soundscape sure to put you at east, without losing its momentum as it reaches a crashing, emotional and blissful climax, reminding its listener to “have no fear” and keep the faith. A beautiful example of the pure joy of healthy communication and loving wholesome without expecting everything to be perfect.

Words of Karla Harris