Introducing #0089 - The Wha

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We had a chat with Chess Club’s most recent signing The Wha about their new single and what Kilkenny is famous for.

Firstly, where the hell is Kilkenny? 
Beyond the pale, Oliver Cromwell's toilet, Leinster, southeast of Ireland. 

What is the town most famous for? 
Its history, the castles, the pints, the cathedrals, the hurling, the long list of bands from here who nearly made it.....

How did the band start? 
Sam and Finn were in many groups together in yesteryears, when they were fifteen they started writing songs and recording them, they enjoyed it and wanted to play gigs and share their songs, so they made a band.

Your debut track ‘Innocents’ is out now, what is the track about? 
The track isn't about one particular thing, just innocence in general. Adolescence, romance, addiction, catholic church scandals. But it's better if the song isn't spelled out for people so they can take their own thing from it.

The track is being released by Chess Club, how did that partnership come about? How does it feel to be part of their label family? 
Chess Club Records somehow found the previously released edition of innocents and were impressed by it. So they got in contact with us and we talked about collaborating. They liked the songs.
It feels great. It feels like a great achievement, especially being the first Irish band to sign to this label. They seem to have a great rep and hopefully we can add to that.

Now the track is out there, what are your plans for the next few months? 
Gonna play more gigs, release another online single, release a double A side, release a video, buy a monkey, get big, get stupid, get fat, rise to the toppermost of the poppermost.

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