Oh Wonder - 'Hallelujah'


‘Hallelujah’, the new track from Oh Wonder, is a massage for the mind. 

The track starts with Josephine’s whispery, sweet vocals intimately washing around your ears, complimented by a beautiful string section and Anthony’s warm notes expertly low in the mix. If it kept this pace throughout it would be pleasant enough, but in time the track builds; orchestration becomes electronic and hushed words become layered, rich and almost choral- an impressive feat for two singers alone. The song grows into the heights of glorious, shimmering pop; a euphoric nod to church music.

Once you’re aware that Oh Wonder write, record and produce entirely themselves from their home studio, the talent of these two becomes ever more apparent. The production is extremely polished, with the building instrumentals tiptoeing to crescendo in a restrained yet celebratory fashion. Everything in the track serves a purpose, as much as what is left out.

Oh Wonder say of the track ‘'Hallelujah' is a song of defiance that we wrote for anyone that has ever been told they can't do something.’ As if anyone still had any doubt, the band continue to prove all naysayers wrong.

Words by Jarrad Saul

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