Sad Boys Club - 'Dead Fridays'


Alternative nightclubs prepare yourself- Sad Boys Club have a new floor filler with latest single ‘Dead Fridays’.

Sad Boys Club mix angsty lyrics with guitar melodies tinged with sadness; depressing in essence but skilfully done, expertly crafting an indie bop. The extremely catchy chorus soars, with Wheldon’s distinctive vocals infecting your ears with gusto. His contagious accent has you singing along, imitating his pronunciations, which adds further to the resonating powers of the track.

Wheldon calls the track a ‘scream into the void’, and this may be true, but it’s certain that many a fan will be screaming it straight back at the band on their upcoming shows. It’s a huge anthem of a tune, authentically indie with a sprinkle of emo. Putting a little independent into said indie, the song’s produced by Bassist Pedro Caetano Leite, which helps provide character and energy, whilst harking true to their DIY ethos.

The timing of this release feels perfect, with indie back in full force. Sad Boys Club’s pals Bombay Bicycle Club are back with guitar driven music, Foals are releasing the riffs, and The 1975 are taking over the world. Dead Fridays sits perfectly amongst these, unique yet familiar, a relative ready to be welcomed firmly into the indie-pop family.

Words by Jarrad Saul

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