Bloody Knees - 'Spinning'

Bloody Knees.jpg

Earlier this week, London-based indie/punk band Bloody Knees released the performance video to their latest single, ‘Spinning’ which is taken from the upcoming EP, ‘You Can Have It’.

Opening in a slightly moodier tone compared to the band’s normal raucous sound, 'Spinning' is reminiscent of 'Maybe It’s Easy' – the title track of their last EP. Simple guitar riffs in minor key create an uneasy atmosphere to which the lyrical theme of manipulation seems to take shape; “I’ve no doubt you’ll make a believer out of me when I’m tangled in your teeth.”

The video itself is almost reminiscent of Nirvana’s 'Smells Like Teen Spirit', minus the hordes of overexcited fans. Bloody Knees are well quoted for the fact that they write all of their songs with the live performance in mind, and this video is a demonstration of what you can expect to see at one of their shows. It is a simple performance, with an intense light show which makes for an enthralling, if not slightly dizzying, sight.

If the video isn’t enough and you want to see them in the flesh, Bloody Knees play their biggest show to date at The Underworld in Camden on October 18th.  

Words of Tyler Damara Kelly