Ferris & Sylvester - 'I Dare You'


Consistently a pair that delve into familiar territories with their quick-witting lyricism and sharp tongues, Ferris & Sylvester are unravelling the darker parts of their personalities with their latest cut ‘I Dare You’.

It has to be said that there is something enticing about the threat of getting closer to the pair. An intoxication in the transition between southern gothic, to grittier overdriven guitar growls, means that you actually feel lulled into the danger zone by some masochistic standards. Whether it be the polite inquisitive lyrics – “there’s about a million ways to harm you. If you let me, I’ll show you them all” – or the confidence that exudes from their delivery, Ferris & Sylvester are shedding the skin of their regular The Civil Wars sound and delving more into the likes of Band of Skulls with the swagger that comes with this release. 

Words by Tyler Damara Kelly

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