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Festival Review: Loud Women Fest 2019

As we start to hold onto what little of summer remains before those winter blues start setting in, in order to retain some kind of happiness; it’s absolutely vital for us to keep our souls nourished with positive energy and creativity. Loud Women had us covered, over the weekend, with their fourth annual festival that was a celebration of inclusivity, empowerment and eradicating the patriarchy.

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Festival Review: All Points East - Bring Me The Horizon, Victoria Park 31/05/2019

Whilst it’s always nice to say that you were amongst the first of something, being second isn’t always a bad thing. It allows time to work out the kinks and to take notes from those who came before you, and succeeded. In festivals it’s a similar kind of thing. All Points East is split over two weekends, at Victoria Park, and after the first weekend encountered a few hiccups such as sound issues and fires on stage, things seemed to be going a little more smoothly for round two. 

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Festival Review: The Great Escape Festival 2019

Well, it’s that time again! One of the most loved events has come and gone – and in its wake, has left a plethora of people with sore heads, great memories and slightly strained bank accounts. The Great Escape festival brings hordes of people down to Brighton every year, and most of these people are looking for the next best thing in the chaotic and intoxicating world of music.

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