The Band Explains: Talu - 'Change in the Winds'

Crawley indie/electronica three-piece Talu talk to us about their performance music video for their debut single, ‘Change in the Winds’.
Drawing on influences from Bombay Bicycle Club, Foals and The Wombats, ‘Change in the Winds’ sees Talu flesh out a breezy 00s indie pop sound with a crisp, forward-thinking, electronic twist.

Talu Explains:

“’Change in the Winds’ was filmed in a warehouse owned by the company Will (singer) works for. They let use it for the weekend and in return we put together a few desks for them - I think we got the better end of the deal! 

Most of our prep time was spent shifting pallets of equipment around so we had enough space - and in the end it only took us about 2 hours to film all the shots we needed. Though we couldn't persuade anyone to come and help us out with the camera so at the beginning and end of every shot Will had to sprint to the van (where the camera was pointing out of because of the threat of rain) and stop and start it again! 

We shot it in the middle of the night, which was fortunate as we had to film with the shutters totally up - so anyone who drove by would've had a great view of us dancing around and miming to the song. 

We dreamt up the concept for the video on the Thursday night, and by Sunday night it was cut and ready to be shared. It was a super-stressful few days but totally worth it. In all bands that we've been in in the past, we've never had a proper music video, so this was quite a big deal for us. 

We were quite pleased with ourselves when we saw how consistent the set was - but then realised that there's a beer bottle on the desk on the left that moves around when the shots change - classy!”

Interview Feature by Karla Harris