Alpines - 'Alright'

Credit: Cyrus Mahboubian

Credit: Cyrus Mahboubian

London duo Alpines impress with brooding and reflective new cut, ‘Alright’, the second single from their upcoming third album ‘Full Bloom’.

Opening sparsely with a dark, dramatic piano arrangement, ‘Alright’ is an instantly engaging song that leaves plenty of space for Catherine Pockson’s gorgeous atmospheric vocal to be the track’s focal point, without undermining the track’s thrilling production. ‘Alright’ is a slow burner that gradually builds on its minimal sonic layers alongside the track’s lyrical theme, creating a brooding and writhing soundscape which is in equal parts exciting and moving.

Pockson’s vocal transitions between soulful and reassuring and raw and emotive alongside the tracks’ theme as Pockson and second half of the duo Bob Matthews explains,  “We all need a reminder and reassurance that it is going to be ok. No one can do this alone. We now live in a world where we have constant awareness and it’s very hard to get relief away from social media and societal pressures. On top of this our generation has to carry the very real burden that the world is suffering under climate crisis.”

Additionally, ‘Alright’ was inspired by the first series of The OA, one of my favourite shows to come out on Netflix in recent years. If you too are familiar with the show, you can hear the tension, suspense, the hurt, the uncertainty, the longing, the love and and the necessity of human connection to help each other through harder times, deeply woven into ‘Alright’’s bones. This is intelligently crafted and insightful indie pop that really makes you want to believe everything is going to be alright.

Words of Karla Harris
‘Alright’ follows in the footsteps of ‘Out of View’ , the second single to be taken from the band’s up coming album ‘Full Bloom’ which is out on the 16th of November and available to pre-order now: Alpines also play Rich Mix in London on the 15 of November. Tickets available from: