LUCIANBLOMKAMP - 'Control Together'


LUCIANBLOMKAMP is a songwriter and producer from Australia, who is meshing together the sounds of old school garage, liquid house and electronica with his new single ‘Control Together’.

Taken from the third part of his third album, ‘Sick of What I Don’t Understand’, which documents self-realisation and transitions that he has recently gone through, the latest single is a collaboration with his girlfriend, Rosebud Leach, whom he has often collaborated with. Speaking of ‘Control Together’, LUCIANBLOMKAMP says; “Around the time Rosey and I wrote this, we had just moved in together with some other friends. There was a real sense of comfort and belongingness that came with this move […] it definitely marks a specific point in time that triggered the positivity of Pt.3 and the track itself.”

The similarities between silky tone of the pair’s voices makes for an interesting collaboration. Rosebud Leach’s voice has a breathier tone, whilst Lucian Blomkamp’s tends to be a little bit gravellier. As they harmonise in the chorus, “you might think I’m slipping but I don’t need anyone but you” you almost forget about the scatty garage drums in the background, as you’re more focused on the subtle undertones of the liquid house notes because of how smooth their voices sound together.

‘Sick of What I Don’t Understand Pt.3’ will be released on October 19th via Good Manners Records 

Words by Tyler Damara Kelly