Sigrid - 'Sucker Punch'


It has been nothing but good vibes for Norwegian singer Sigrid, who was catapulted to fame last year after releasing her debut EP ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ which led to her being named BBC Music’s Sound of 2018.


Sigrid’s latest single ‘Sucker Punch’ sees her energetic, synth-based pop music morphing into a more mature sound. Though this is unsurprising when the topic of the song seems to be about how it feels to fall for someone that you weren’t expecting to. “I try to come up with the bad things. [I] didn’t wanna write a happy song.” To go alongside the new single, Sigrid has released an augmented reality lyric video.

The instrumental is simplistic and consists of high-pitched clicks and synthetic drum beats, while Sigrid’s voice occasionally takes a minor-key robotic conversational tone, in the verses, but then the chorus comes around and gives you that catchy sing-a-long that you generally expect from her, whilst carried by that oceanic keyboard tone. In the video you follow Sigrid walking through various locations, around a park, on a sunny day whilst the lyrics flash across the scene in fonts that are reminiscent of those on the WordArt section of Microsoft Word.

If you’re interested in seeing the new songs live, you can catch Sigrid on tour from the start of November. 

Words by Tyler Damara Kelly