Chapter & Verse - 'Ink'

Photo Credit - Jennifer McCord

Photo Credit - Jennifer McCord

Chapter & Verse are an alternative rock band from East London, who have been taking their time in releasing music, to find out exactly who they are meant to be. After releasing their first EP in 2016, which introduced themselves as a high-octane quartet with a penchant for the releasing their angst through music, they have been slowly releasing new music from what we can only assume is an upcoming EP that is yet to be announced.

‘Ink’ is the latest release from Chapter & Verse and it sees their usual alt-rock sound morph into a more melodic take on post-hardcore. The use of a synthetic drum that rattles on in an odd time signature has elements of Bring Me The Horizon, while the passionate and pained falsetto that comes from Josh Carter sets the band apart from others in that category – there is a familiarity about it, but also a uniqueness that you cannot quite put your finger on. Without trying to overanalyse, ‘Ink’ seems to delve into the subject of mental health; “you think I’m crazy and you might be right, this drug has highs and lows” and with the urgency that Darren Goslings’ guitar wails at you, toward the end of the song, you cannot help but think that this is a very personal song for them as a band.

Chapter & Verse released a video to go alongside ‘Ink’ and if you’re familiar with them as a band, you would’ve noticed that when they put up a video for their song ‘Magazine’ back in February 2017, they called it part two without any inkling about where part one was, or if it was ever going to be shown. Well, the wait is over and the video to ‘Ink’ is part one of the story. There is an intensity that comes out of this video, as it shows a more personal link between the characters of the story and explains how the hunt for that glowing white orb, began. 

By releasing music so sporadically, Chapter & Verse are slowly letting us into their world and giving out just enough teasers to keep you wanting more. 

Words by Tyler Damara Kelly