Áine Cahill - 'Water Into Wine'

Aine Cahill - credit Stella Malfilatre low.jpeg

Áine Cahill is the latest artist to emerge from Ireland’s disproportionately high musical output (honestly how can a country with a population of four million have the depth of talent to produce Enya, SOAK, The Script and world dominating key-change-standers Westlife, it’s amazing). Following in the eminent footsteps of her compatriots, Cahill’s latest single ‘Water Into Wine’ is a showcase of her classy, contemporary pop.

The glistening electro pop production melds with Cahill’s warmly pensive vocals, giving the track an expansive, cinematic feel. Meanwhile her deft songwriting explores the sense of power and freedom that comes with escaping someone’s control. The lyrics take on an extra resonance in light of this year’s referendum vote to repeal the 8th and thereby begin the process of providing safe, legal abortion in Ireland for the first time. The title lyric ‘water into wine’ could be interpreted as a reference to the Catholic church’s stranglehold on Irish society from which its young people are breaking free. Pretty heavy lifting for a pop song but the result is a joyful celebration of triumph over adversity and freedom after oppression.

‘Water Into Wine’ is the mission statement of a young woman in control of her own destiny and it’s ready for the taking.

Words by Hattie Long