Album Review: Our Hollow, Our Home - 'In Moment // In Memory'


Following the success of their debut record “Hartsick” in 2017, Our Hollow, Our Home have gone from strength to strength with this new record. In Moment // In Memory is a testament to the UK melodic metalcore scene which features moments of utter brutality and others of simple clarity and peace. The three singles that have been released thus far provide a brief glimpse at IM//IM - Speak Of Sorrow, In Moment and Father & Ghost showcase some of the best riffs on the album. 

Structurally the record is based on the five stages of grief; Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. Each of these parts has its own track, splitting up the album into five respective sections each accompanied by two tracks. There’s a certain respect I hold for artists that have these kinds of attention to detail and active thought process; it shows dedication and a type of bravery - it would be all too easy to just release the tracks randomly. None of that here. 

On the subject of grief and loss it needs to be acknowledged that the main themes of the record reflect the loss of guitarist//vocalist Toby’s father - it’s been done tactfully and without cliché, something that all of OHOH can be proud of. 

Opening with the second single In Moment, it’s clear that OHOH’s drive is still strong - Disconnect,  Love Loss and  Wraiths move the record along at an unrelenting pace, it’s only during //Bargaining  that the listener is really offered any respite from the riffage that’s come before. Straight into Weight and Carriage, however - we’re presented with a heavy intro but almost gentle and lamenting verse from Connor. There ARE parts of the album which are less aggressive and humble but they are few and far between. 

Throughout, there’s plenty of opportunities for group vocals and a good old sing-along with the crowd, even more for neck-breaking breakdowns and a few “Bleugh”s thrown in for good measure. 

Divisions (The Exchange) is almost the epitome of Our Hollow, Our Home’s writing - ridiculous low end, melodic cleans that could have an entire crowd singing with its simplicity and an ear-worm of a chorus. Speak Of Sorrow and Father & Ghost come under the “//Depression”  segment of the album and are perhaps the most visceral of the tracks on In Moment // In Memory.

//Acceptance as a section is, as the name suggests slightly different to those that came before it. Parting Gift is an acoustic ballad that brings the heat later for the final chorus but is ultimately, in a major key(!!!!!). In Memory whilst starting out like the rest of the album also has a slower, more clean section that ends the album with a smile.

Words by Rhys Haberfield