The Van T's - 'Suis-Je Cool'

Scottish alternative group The Van T’s are back with their long-awaited new single ‘Suis-Je Cool’, a magnificent single which is a no-nonsense get-up-and-go rock tune.  

The Van T’s have been releasing critically acclaimed music since their formation in 2013, as well as achieving nationwide and international airplay with many U.S radio stations given them exposure. Their sound shows a lot of inspiration from 90’s grunge but also has a unique modern surf pop element in their songs which makes them a truly great alternative band, who I feel stand out amongst many current rock bands.  

It has been a while since The Van T’s last released a song, their previous release was a fantastic single called ‘Bittersweet’ which we reviewed last year. New release ‘Suis-Je Cool’ could arguably be their strongest release to date. ‘Suis-Je Cool’ is French and translates to “Am I cool?” - a song made for people who feel insecure and struggle to fit in with others but should embrace themselves for who they are. This is feel-good message which encourages people to embrace their own personal insecurities and just be themselves. 

’Suis-Je Cool’ is full of crunchy guitars, fast tempos and delicate vocals which draws you to the song, the production is also phenomenal which really does take the song to the next level. Producer Margo Broom brings to life this exquisite sound which sees The Van T’s becoming real flag bearers for alternative music.  

Words of Shaun Mulhern