Daisy Maybe - 'Riverbed'


Daisy Maybe’s arrival on the music scene follows her career in fashion, working as the face of Skepta’s Mains collection. This arrival comes in the form of the otherworldly track, ‘Riverbed’, featuring London rapper, Jeshi.

When I first started listening to her new single, I am reminded of a female version of DVSN: a soft, soulful voice over a heavy bassline. It is later in the track that I am reminded more of modern soul with a background instrumental reminiscent of trip hop. Infatuation is the theme at the core of the lyrics and this track feels like something custom built to the cold nights that are now starting to draw in. Jeshi brings another dimension to the track, exploring the paranoia of high-intensity love, yet his relaxed flow of rap complements Daisy Maybe’s infectiously delicate voice. 

Daisy Maybe’s debut single is undoubtedly a stirring statement of intent from this artist, who seems to have a formidable amount of success on the horizon of her career. I am hoping that what she releases next will solidify her sound as an artist. 

Words by Max Herridge