Emery - 'Safe'

As Post-Hardcore outfit Emery gear up to release their new 15-track album ‘Eve’ in November, the band have already released three new tracks from the record; including ‘Safe’ - a heart-breaking tribute to the unexpected loss of two band members mothers in recent years.

In 2004 Emery released their debut album, ‘The Weak’s End’ and for my 15 year old self, there was no such thing as overplaying this record. Post hardcore, Screamo and Metal music made up an integral part of my teenage years, but as alternative scenes ceased to exist and friendship groups who once bonded over these kinds of music, grew up and grew apart, my playlists once heavy became filled with folk, electronic and indie music.

However, you never really stop loving the soundtracks to your youth. You might fall out of touch with the newest releases from your favourite bands as a teenager, but you don’t stop giving the records that you grew up with a spin from time to time. One great thing about music blogging is that every now and then you get a huge blast from the past and get to hear what your old favourites are up to. That’s how I’ve ended up writing about, Emery, one of my favourite bands as a teenager, as an almost 30 year old.

’Safe’ is one of three singles Emery have so far revealed from their upcoming album, ‘Eve’ and it is arguably the most lovingly crafted and painful tracks the band have ever released. ‘Safe’ is a moving tribute to the mothers of two Emery songwriters Matt Carter and Devin Shelton who unexpectedly passed away in the years between the band’s 2015 DIY album You Were Never Alone, and the making of the new record. Opening with an affecting guitar melody and a touching vocal, the track spectacularly builds into a full band sound that nods towards Emery’s early sonic influences but tackles the heart-wrenching theme with grace and maturity, as the band cite that, “Jenny Carter and Joyce Shelton left an impact with their sacrifices, which the song eulogises beautifully”.

Emery have also released indie rock offering, ‘Is This the Real Life’, a dreamy mash up of Weezer and Queen influences and new single, ‘People Always Ask Me if We're Gonna Cuss in an Emery Song’ which navigates a whole bunch of cool dynamics and will feature on our playlist next week! In sharing these three different tracks, Emery have teased that ‘Eve’ will be a versatile offering that respectfully nods back to the band’s roots and the components of their sound that made them popular back then; but also reveals a progression of sound that feels natural, showing just how good they are and why people should still be excited about them.

As an original fan who is now getting to experience the new material from a matured band as a maturer listener, ‘Eve’ is looking like it will be an impressive record that allows its listener to experience the perfect balance between nostalgia and new discovery.

Words of Karla Harris