Jodie Abacus - 'Hard Work'


I was briefed with Jodie Abacus’ new track, ‘Hard Work’, as being a mix between Thundercat and Stevie Wonder, but honestly this artist has hit me with a sound that is reminiscent of many and yet sounds so individual and unique. 

It’s a track that you cannot help tap your toes to and I am excited to see what his live performances hold in store for the crowds. The chanting chorus in the track echoes the “relentless motivation” that the lyrics speak of. Abacus’ main inspiration behind the track is how he ignores the haters and doubters “because we’re all gonna die one day… I have my vision and that’s my mission”. Its inspiring to hear emerging artists motivate themselves in this way and I bet many creatives and people from all over will be able to relate to the track and its message. 

Jodie Abacus hails from South London and is one of many great, emerging artists appearing from this area. He recently supported Tom Odell in Switzerland and has a substantial list of festivals already under his belt. Even Sir Elton John is a fan of his music. 

Words by Max Herridge