Ana Arts - 'Sit Around And Talk About The Past'

‘Sit Around And Talk About The Past’ is the new single taken from the debut EP of London based singer-songwriter, Ana Arts. If you’re into the more melancholic style of music that is stripped-back atmospheric guitar and pained vocals, then Ana Arts may be your new favourite artist.

Ana Arts’ voice has a magical air of vulnerability which occasionally slips through a mood of monotone nonchalance. As an artist who finds inspiration from folk, jazz and pop, it is an expected powerful combination to have such a distinct voice and a knack for penning heartfelt, raw songs. ‘Sit Around And Talk About The Past’ is incredibly poetic, as it is bold and powerful. It is almost as if the simplicity of the guitar-focused instrumentation is a tactic in which you are led to concentrate on the thought-provoking lyrics; “your empty promises line up like soldiers in battle.

The single seems to depict the story of having trouble with a lover and trying to find a way back to each other, without focusing too much on what has happened previously. As the song progresses, Ana Arts’ voice takes on a subtle gravelly tone as it weaves in and out of distant falsetto notes that envelop you – this is a beautiful mirroring of lyrics “you go out of your body sometimes”. At times this can be haunting, but there is a familiarity and calming tone in the guitar which leads the song to a close.

Words of Tyler Damara Kelly

Ana Arts’ debut EP ‘Freedom Beach’ is available now.