Album Review: Memphis May Fire - ‘Broken’


Full of passion and knocking riffs, the sixth studio album from Memphis May Fire cracks down on the sound developed by the band in previous years.

Six albums in, and Memphis May Fire are still blowing fans away with their music and touching hearts with their expressive lyricism. They hold an ability to express the turmoils and turbulence of life, mastering a sharp sword which you can use to cut free from the restraints of self-doubt in a cathartic release. Vocalist Matty Mullins expressed, “It was important to be honest in a way that encourages people who are struggling to feel understood and to be known. Most of the album is about saying it’s important to know that it’s ok to feel broken. I’m broken, too.”

Opener ‘The Old Me’ sets the pace with it’s thundering instrumentals, and you’ll almost question if the world is trembling around you or if you’ve just turned up your speakers too loud. It nods to the signature anthemic style of the band, and there are no doubts that this track will be a battle cry for everyone who has struggled with anxiety. ‘Sell My Soul’ falls slightly flat lyrically in that there are only a certain number of times you can hear ‘they want me to sell my soul’ before it starts feeling a bit ingenuine, but the blues-tinged riffs certainly provide a radio-friendly accompaniment.

The hollow echoes of electronics at the beginning of ‘Heavy Is The Weight’ sets a tentative tone, matched by the lyrics ‘one steps forward two steps back’. No warning is given before a full-bodied instrumental force come crashing down, and the interplay between the lighter texture of the verses and the potent chorus conveys the gravity of the piece. A rap section in the bridge slots in perfectly, and this trend of blending hip hop and metal proves to be a successful formula again in this track.

One of the most special moments on the album come in the form of ‘You & Me’, a tender track that breaks away from the blistering riffs that sear through the rest of the album. Delicate piano notes introduce the heart-tugging track, and it brings a whole host of emotions veiled behind the poignant vocals. Finishing with ‘Live Another Day’, the album stands testament that you can stand strong and come out through the difficult times. This album will be a hymn for the beaten and the downtrodden, guiding in its perseverance and its spirit of resilience.

Words by Athena Kam