The Slow Readers Club - 'On The TV'


Taken from their latest album, Build A Tower, The Slow Readers Club have just released new single ‘On The TV’.

A personal favourite of mine and certainly their most powerful lyrically, the song is a real stand out track from their latest record, Build A Tower, which was released in May 2018. Talking about the single in more detail, singer Aaron Starkie explains “’On The TV’ is a song about feeling a sense of discomfort, disassociation and extreme anxiety at the state of the modern world. It’s a scream against everything from caged kids at the Mexican border to the rise of nationalism in the UK and US. In the verses I seek solace in family and ask my parents for guidance. It also has a great riff.”

A great riff indeed, the latest single has a bold sound, it’s atmospheric and ready to be fully immersed by listeners, but did we really expect anything less from The Slow Readers Club? With the lyrics “Now on the TV the world is on fire, we’ve all gone insane” repeating throughout the 3-minute track (or nearly 4 minutes if you listen to the album version!) it speaks out on a more personal level. Catchy vocals echo in time with lead guitar effects and heavy bass lines, the synths are out in full force but it’s the strong drum beat that brings it together, almost promising audience engagement during a live set.

Haunting vocals from Starkie contrast with electro inspired sounds from the rest of the 4-piece, creating an overall upbeat single. Topical and current lyrics will resonate amongst listeners, making it an easy sing-a-long tune, there is no doubt that this is an anthem.

The Slow Readers Club are one of the most exciting current bands in Manchester at the moment, a city renowned for its alternative music scene. As one of the city’s finest acts, the band celebrate a successful year by ending with a sold-out show at one of the city’s biggest venues. Playing some of their largest shows to date, The Slow Readers Club bring their tour to a close in December by playing:

8th December – Glasgow, School of Art

11th December – London, Scala *SOLD OUT*

14th December – Manchester, O2 Apollo *SOLD OUT*

Words by Abbie Jennings