False Heads - 'Help Yourself'

East London punks False Heads return with an 80s American alternative sound on new single ‘Help Yourself’.

False Heads do what they do best in ‘Help Yourself’ – punky Nirvana inspired power chord riffs and bass lines. The ‘quiet/loud’ dynamic most famously used by Pixies is employed perfectly. The opening and chorus is loud and heavy, and the verse is stripped back to a simple beat, bass riff and jangly guitars. However, this is a mid-tempo rocker, maybe a little slower than previous songs. But it is still thoroughly aggressive throughout.

But the aggression doesn’t overpower what is quite simply a catchy pop song at the heart of ‘Help Yourself’. False Heads utilise the pop sensibilities that the aforementioned bands exploited in their own material. Furthermore, just to make the track that much better than it already is, Luke Griffiths plays a blistering high-pitched screeching lead, just to keep you on your toes.

False Heads are a band to watch out for, and with each release they are getting better and better.

Words of Matthew Brocklehurst