Kane Miller - 'Could It Be'

Ontario-based singer-songwriter Kane Miller reflects on matters of the heart on intimate offering, ‘Could It Be’.

Classically trained musician Kane Miller is making affecting folk-rooted songs in a similar vein to Damien Rice, Iron and Wine and Josh Ritter. With that in mind, ‘Could It Be’ has all the markers of a contemporary soul-stirring folk song. It’s got the familiar melodies, the soothing, emotive vocal, the gentle finger-picking, and the intimate heartfelt lyrics that fully resonate with its listener. But Kane Miller and producer Femke Weidema have built on the acoustic bones of the track with a focus on using invigorating clunkier textures and searing evocative atmospheres, which gives the song a weightier, rougher edge and creates an equally comforting, cloudy and conflicted ambience.

Thematically. the track is a nostalgic look at love and the feeling of not wanting to move on even though it’s a necessity. It explores a person’s state of mind when memories become hazy and you still long for a past lover despite the pain they have caused you. As mentioned, the production is integral in reflecting the song’s moods, connecting wonderfully with the emotion in the lyrics. This is a disorientated declaration of love that swells with sincerity.

Words of Karla Harris