J Appiah - 'Wash'

East London singer, songwriter and musician J Appiah reflects on spirituality, redemption and the pain of life’s brevity on current single, ‘Wash’.

J Appiah’s ‘Wash’ is a cerebral song that cuts through the flesh and clings on to your sensory nerve, giving you no choice but to feel the track from the very depths of you. This is, at heart, a sparse song with a thunderous appeal. It feels weightless through its expansive synth, but is made heavy by the depth of the lyrical theme, its melancholy piano melody, fluttering textures and the relentless minimal kick drum that acts as the song’s heartbeat.

The truth is, ‘Wash’ isn’t an easy listen. It grabs you by the throat, evoking feelings you didn’t even know you had and there’s a tension to the track that is very hard to ignore. Sometimes it feels without mercy, but J Appiah juxtaposes this in his lyrical theme and chorus as his otherworldly vocal emotively cries out, “you wash all my sins away” and the listener feels cleansed too. If you want something light and fluffy, this track isn’t for you. But if you enjoy dark songs with startlingly profound emotion, you’ll be coming back to press play on this one a lot.

Words of Karla Harris