Album Review: FEVER 333 - 'Strength in Numb333rs'


Only mere months after the birth of Fever 333, it was announced that a debut album was on its way and it was coming with a message "There is a fever coming!”

“STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS” takes no time to hit you with a face full of raw energy, after an atmospheric intro imploring you to rise and join Fever 333’s cause with a chant of “3 3 3” before charging head first into lead single “BURN IT” which looks at the unavoidable ignorance that millions of people still hold close. This single tries to understand why there is still certain traditions and ways of thinking that are ultimately dividing the world and therefore weakening humanity. Throughout the album there are countless tracks that we can only imagine what sort of chaos they would bring live; tracks like “ONE OF US” with its incredibly catchy chorus will no doubt have crowds screaming every word, “INGLEWOOD” that takes you on a journey through a young Jason’s eyes of growing up in the ghettos of California seeing guns, gangs and death before the conclusion of the track having Jason scream his way through an explanation that it shaped him growing up but it won't let it define who he is now.

If this is what FEVER 333 can produce first time hitting the studio, no doubt anything after this will be just as gritty, noisy and hard hitting as their first release is.

Words by Joe Dick

'Strength in Numb333rs' is out 18th January 2019 via Roadrunner/333 Wreckords Crew