Steelings - 'Moments'

Ambient-folk duo Steelings celebrate love and losing inhibitions on euphoric new single, ‘Moments’.

Taken from the duo’s debut EP, ‘Faded Love’, ‘Moments’ is a tenderly crafted flurry of organic and electronic textures with one intention: to make its listener feel good. ‘Moments’ is the most lushly layered, electronic-tinged track on the EP. It moves with a fluidity unlike any of the other songs on ‘Faded Love’ while retaining the earthy and natural feel that the rest of the EP has to offer.

Steelings also split the vocal duties on a track by track basis as well as coming together on their beautiful vocal harmonies. ‘Moment’s sees SITA’s soft and exhilarating vocal take control of the song and this hushed female delivery adds another level of magic and mystery to the song, in both an innocent and enticing way. SITA’s vocal acts as a firm anchor on this track and fittingly keeps Steelings’ listener right beside them and in the the moment.

However, Jacob Steele soothes and stirs emotion with his ethereal folk vocal and his vocal lead on ‘Never Give Up’ conjures similar uplifting emotions as on ‘Moments’, but in a more stripped, anthemic way. Steelings have meticulously crafted ‘Faded Love’ EP so that each of their talents are utilised to create the best moods. They’ve expertly considered which of the two is vocally most appropriate to deliver the right emotions to accompany their thoughtful lyrical themes and the lovely arrangements on their tracks. From rustic to ambient and contemporary, ‘Faded Love’ EP offers five sincere songs that are incredibly easy to enjoy.

Words of Karla Harris