Jamie Lenman - 'Long Gone' and 'Irrelevant'


Unveiling two brand new singles, Jamie Lenman explores two different sides of his music from the heavy to the tender.

Although completely contrasting in style, the two latest singles by Jamie Lenman share the common ability to leave a resounding impact with the listener. ‘Long Gone’ is crushingly heavy - with aggressive vocals and thundering instrumentals, it’s definitely a song that should be reserved for the mosh pit. Jamie explains the meaning behind the track, saying, “It’s about the dangers of nostalgia and being careful what you wish for, which is a theme that’s present on the record also.” Jame gives us further insight into the track and on the collaboration with Justine Jones from Employed To Serve, stating “I met Justine when we had Employed To Serve at Lenmania (Jamie’s own festival) last year, we did a song together and it was awesome. I thought it’d be great to get her on record and the verses on this track seemed like a perfect fit - she just let it rip with no warm up and blew our faces off! Plus she’s a local girl so she gets all my references. If I drop Woking Peacocks Centre into the convo she knows where I’m at.” There is an undeniable searing energy running through this track, and this has been phrased perfectly by Jamie, who says “Even though it’s quite aggressive it still sounds quite bouncy and summer-y to me, perfect for belting out at the festivals!” 

Away from the roaring instrumentals, a more sentimental side is exposed in ‘Irrelevant’. Delicate vocal harmonies float on top of a dreamy bed of synths, and Jamie’s powerful voice is sure to chill you to your bones. Speaking on the track, Jamie says “This track is a re-working of the last track on my album ‘Devolver’, about trying to get rid of the ego and any haughty ideas you might have about yourself as someone or something important. Really it’s about death and being ready for that, you know - you come from nothing, you go into nothing, and that’s fine. I had an idea that it would make a really nice quiet ballad - but when I demoed it, it sounded so much like Arcane Roots that I thought why not just get Andrew (Groves) to do it…He brought all his synth toys to bear on it and added all those brilliant high vocals, I really love it.” And Jamie, you’re not the only one who really loves it, because we really love it too. 

Words by Athena Kam