Mark Sullivan - 'Words Fail Me'

Mark Sullivan-2.jpg

Hertfordshire musician Mark Sullivan releases chilled, guitar-led indie pop track, 'Words Fail Me' featuring grime artist Dpart.

Having started making music under various bands, Mark Sullivan took to a solo career under his own name  in the beginning of 2013.  Since then, he has dedicated a lot of time to making a name for himself and growing his fanbase on the live scene.What is immediately noticeable about Mark Sullivan on 'Words Fail Me' is his rich, textured, soulful vocal.


But it is grime artist Dpart who opens, 'Words Fail Me', smoothly alongside summery, mellow guitar work. There's hints of bluesy funk in the guitar arrangements and Sullivan's gruff, completely gorgeous tone draws his listener into the track's narrative in a relaxing manner.


Dpart's flow adds an intense contrast to Sullivan's vocal as Dpart delves deeper into the song's theme, which highlights the frustrations of having a friend that won't take your help no matter what you do.  'Words Fail Me' is an accomplished collaboration that neatly ties together a variety of influences in a no frills format. All in all its effect is immediate and accessible, seeing the track sit incredibly easily on the ears.


Words of Karla Harris