Video: Yizzy - 'Let That Go' ft. Gemin1, Blacks


South London grime prodigy Yizzy has hit us in the face with his new video for ‘Let That Go’, featuring Gemin1 and Blacks. 

Set in a run down building, the video sees Yizzy, Gemin1 and Blacks firing shots at rivals, using intense flows and lyrics to show us why they are rising to the top when it comes to grime. Each MC on this track brings something to it, and combining that with the Lewi White produced instrumental backing track, that the track screams vintage but it also brings something new to the scene. 

Yizzy’s ’S.O.S.’ EP, standing for Save Our Sound, is his own personal explanation of how to stop the genre of grime from diluting itself into the mainstream, and that it should make it’s own way there. 

Yizzy says: “I believe each genre and sound has its own culture and share of struggles it’s been through over the years. I believe every genre should be respected and that the constant mislabelling is a disrespect to sound that many people, including myself, have grown to love over the years. That sound is grime and its authenticity, as a key part in UK culture, is something that needs to be saved. This is ‘S.O.S.’.” 

Words by Ant Adams