Mura Masa - 'Move Me' (ft. Octavian)


Mura Masa has built up quite a name for himself over the last few years, working with the likes of A$AP Rocky and Charlie XCX, and releasing his debut album in July 2017 which was nominated for two Grammys. Not only that, he wrote and co-produced ‘Gang Signs & Prayer’ off Stormzy’s number one album. He has a penchant for penning addictive beats through a wide variety of styles and instrumentation. Not one to hold back, Alex Crossan is a diverse young talent already taking over the world. At 22-years old, it’s refreshing to know bold talent exists in such a way.


Move Me’ has a rattling drum beat and a chilled bassline, never allowing you to drift out of its hypnotic charm. The song features the soothing rap of up and coming London rapper Octavian that features notes of A$AP when it hits the chorus. The verses are strong and full of youthful optimism with lines like “Stick with me and feel the fire, You ain’t feelin’ nothing? You liar.” It’s the kind of song you’d listen to at the beach, or at an after party with a glass of champagne in your hand. Thanks to its upbeat rhythm and laidback sound, ‘Move Me’ is a portrait of young culture galvanised by a party vibe.

Mura Masa brings the cool ambitions he’s grown used to with a new flow bound for the charts, and thanks to his clear talents, ‘Move Me’ will have you bouncing in the club, car, or bedroom, and you’ll never grow tired of its groove.

Words by Chris White