Arcane Roots - 'Landslide'


Arcane Roots recently put out their new killer track ‘Landslide’ and it’s already becoming a favourite on radio stations such as Radio 1’s Rock show as their ‘Rockest Record’ (Track of the week). Alongside the release of Landslide, Arcane Roots announced a new EP of the same name which features three re-imagined tracks from their previous album ‘Melancholia Hymns’ and of course the single Landslide.

So, what do you get from the new single? The usual well-polished, epic, utterly huge instrumental composition with vocalist Andrew Groves Tenor ranged vocal brilliance. One thing I really do love about Arcane Roots is the well thought and creative harmonies. It’s my opinion that vocal harmonies, especially in alternative music, can really make or break a song and you will not be disappointed with what is on offer from Arcane Roots here. Another beautifully written track.
The idea behind Landslide arose frequently during the writing process of their previous album but apparently just didn’t make the cut when other tracks were being written at the time.

Andrew Groves said this about the track…. “Within the song, the landslide is referenced as both a physical entity and the force of nature, questioning the extent of its sentience and accountability for its actions, while juxtaposing it against the idiom 'landslide victory', giving it a political and societal allusion too.”

Arcane Roots upcoming EP ‘Landslide’ will be released on September 14th (2018) and will be released digitally and on limited vinyl/cd.

Words by Pete Herbert