PVMNTS - ‘Standing (On My Own Two Feet)’


Tyler Posey was working on Teen Wolf in 2016 and must of decided that he wasn't enough of an emo teen heartthrob so he started a pop punk band and started working on new music with LA based PVMNTS and they have recently released their first full single ‘Standing (On My Own Two Feet)’.


PVMNTS have been appearing at venues across the country even before their first full release. The band have had a headline UK tour and played at Slam Dunk, incredibly impressive for a band who at the time of the shows only had a demo out. 

Standing (On My Own Two Feet)’ has had a lot of hype around it before it’s release but the song starts out slow with Tyler’s voice acting as beautiful opener to the song but then song kicks into full pop punk mode and it thrives in it. The song bursts into a Blink 182 style medley of emotion, depressive joy and catchy lyrics. The single easily flows into a chorus which is bound to have their fans singing and dancing along at their shows, I could easily see this song going on last on their setlists as a real show stealer.

PVMNTS said about the song “Tyler wrote this song during the passing of his mother so there’s a lot of emotion in writing and recording this song. It’s basically about when you hit a point in your life where your life will change and there’s nothing you can do about it.” This is evident in the song as you listen, especially in the second verse with the lyrics “I can still feel your touch and I just love you so much” .

Standing (On My Own Two Feet)’ hits home whilst simultaneously hitting a homerun, its an emo teen’s dream and that is all you can ask of pop punk song. I can’t wait for the band’s first EP release, ‘Better Days’ on August 17th and I will be definitely hitting up one of their shows soon to let out my angsty teenage self.

Words by Alfie Drake