Angie McMahon talks Bushstock


With Bushstock Festival taking over Shepherd's Bush in London this weekend, we talk about Harmony Bigsby guitars and making memories with Angie McMahon ahead of her performance at the festival. 

Hello and welcome to our little island. How has the UK been treating you so far on tour?

Very well, thank you! I've had a cold but been saved by the English sunshine. I can't believe it's sunny at 10pm.

You're playing Bushstock Festival this Saturday; what are your expectations and are there any other artists on the bill that you would recommend we check out? 

Well I've loved Matthew and the Atlas since before I could write a song, so I have to check them out, and there are some awesome looking female acts I'd like to watch, like Nadia Nair and Grace Carter. But I've actually never seen any of this lineup, so I'm keen to wander and discover!

Since the release of your first single “Slow Mover”, you've turned a lot of heads in the music industry and already supported so many good artists. What does the next year have in store for you? 


The next year will have my debut album release, which I'm pretty excited about, and a bunch of gigs around that I think! Hopefully back on this side of the world as well as in Australia. And juggling that work/life balance, trying to stay healthy while working hard still. It'll be fun!

Can you pin point that moment in life when you knew that music was your path? 

Not really, I think I've always hoped that it would be my path. I'm not sure when 'believing' in it turned into 'knowing' just became the only thing I could think about!

I have a weakness for beautiful guitars and I see you play a Harmony Bigsby. How did you come to settle on such a beauty? 

I actually copied a friend of mine who has the same guitar. He let me borrow it for a few months, and I was so sad giving it back to him that I went online and bought an identical one online. It's from the 60s, and I had it shipped over from America. The customs fees were worth it.

What is your favourite aspect of touring? 

Well it's pretty unreal, trying to find your feet and be confident in places far from home. But the people make it really special - the people you travel with and the people in the crowds and the people working on the shows with you, the interactions with people are so valuable. I guess my favourite thing is making memories!

Bushstock takes place this weekend on Saturday 23rd June 2018, you can buy your tickets here from their website. Angie McMahon will be playing the Library at the Bush Theatre at 12:45pm