EP Review: King Princess - 'Make My Bed'


King Princess’ vibe is beautiful, it’s new, quirky mellow pop which is crazily addictive to listen to.

Make My Bed’ is an EP consisting of five tracks, with tracks, ‘1950’ and ‘Talia’ already being released as singles.  The kick that these two singles alone provided was enough for the first shows of her latest tour to sell out within minutes.  Sticking to my original words, this girl is an absolute queen, being the first Artist to release music through Mark Ronson’s new label, Zelig.  

This EP is incredibly strong, every song is unique and different.  It isn’t necessary for one track to have to carry any others, they are all perfect in their own way.  A personal mention goes to ‘1950’; this song is an absolute bop, one which everyone needs to have a listen to.  The vocals throughout the entire EP are so diverse; King Princess’ voice is so strong that this EP is contagious.  

Not only has King Princess blessed us with a five track EP, a full video to the title track ‘Make My Bed’ has also been released.  The video itself is so beautifully shot, completely free hand where the camera begins to pan around a bedroom.  The opening notes of the track combined with the video give more of a sinister edge which completely transforms through the clever use of lighting which builds and builds.

With such a strong EP being released to such eagerly waiting fans it isn’t surprising that King Princess is turning heads with her abundant levels of sass and pure attitude.  It is with wide eyes we wait to see where this girl heads next, with hope to catch her live.

Words by Em Marcovecchio