FINNEAS - 'Landmine'


Since FINNEAS dropped his magical single ‘Heaven’, we have waited to see what he would do next.  With a new single titled ‘Landmine’ being released it is with pure excitement that we listen to this new track.  

FINNEAS is the brother to that of the infamous Billie Eilish, with their somewhat similar musical styles flourishing together to create a power duo.  This new single however is the pure work of FINNEAS, proving to anyone who was still on the fence that this guy can produce and write for himself too.  

Every single that I have heard from FINNEAS has a similar pop, electronic feel, however this latest track has much more of staccato chorus which brings a new dynamic to his repertories.  Starting off slow and mellow, with an almost rattled sound, the tempo continues to build until the beat drops very suddenly. This latest single is incredibly catchy due to the power of his voice and lyrics carrying the song.  FINNEAS has such a beautiful tone to his voice that it is wonderful to hear such clarity in the vocals.

The meaning behind this latest single is one which sits inside us all.  Talking of personal experience and such dark matters in such a rich tone, combined with an electronic feel provides a fresh outlook.  Speaking of the track; "This song is a little like a diary entry for me. It scared me the first time I played it for anyone because I was saying things in it I’d only thought privately to myself until that point. I think the universality of the song is probably just because everyone knows what it feels like to realize loving someone is even more painful than leaving them."

After a crazy few months touring with his sister as part of her live band, it is exciting to see FINNEAS take off as a solo artist and be congratulated for the success that he so rightly deserves.

We wait eager on our seats to see what FINNEAS throws at us next, I for one am excited to see how his style grows and evolves over the coming months.  

Words by Em Marcovecchio