Maypine - 'Weather'

Maypine 2.jpg

Brighton’s MAYPINE recently had their new track ‘Weather’ debut on Kerrang! Radio but much like the British weather it’s not all sunshine and summer vibes with their new track.

Although I previously mentioned the bad weather let’s start with the sunshine of this track. The lyrics of ‘Weather’ shine through the rest of song with meaning and passion from vocalist Jase and this is evident when he speaks about the lyrics, explaining: “It’s essentially a song about letting your guard down and opening up to people.Specifically in this case, it refers to the person you love. Allowing that person to shoulder some of your burdens and take on some of the strain,so that it doesn't overwhelm you.It's not weak to accept help when you need it”. When listening to the track you can tell this song means a lot to Jase and it’s beautiful to see such passion put into the creation of MAYPINE’s new music. However the track is not without it’s dark clouds.


The dark clouds form on the track mainly because of the song’s lack of any proper drop into a fast paced chorus or ending, which for me is a shame as the song’s lyrics are let down by the backing track. Whilst listening to the ‘Weather’ you find yourself in a constant state of waiting for the song to hit you with a gorgeous ray of sunshine in the form of an epic drop but in true British weather style it hits you with a dull rain of consistent slow paced sound, completely ruining your barbecue you had been planning for weeks.

Overall MAYPINE’s ‘Weather’ is cloudy with some breaks of sunshine but hopefully their upcoming EP will bring Barcelona style weather instead of the British weather brought by this latest release.MAYPINE are self-releasing their EP ‘Bend/Break’ on July 6th. The EP takes its name from American Football and shows a “much truer representation of our band and we feel we’ve definitely discovered our ‘sound’ as it were.”. Let’s hope for a touchdown.

Words by Alfie Drake