Stone Sour - 'Burn One, Turn One'

SSour smr 2017.jpg

Stone Sour unveil new song ‘Burn One, Turn One’ with a lyric video as a teaser to their upcoming re-release of ‘Hydrograd’ album as a deluxe edition with previously unreleased b-sides amongst other lavish content.

It’s a shame that we didn’t get to hear Burn One, Turn One the first time around on ‘Hydrograd’ as it is a great tune, it has all the elements you will have come to expect from Stone Sour; the aggressive vocal from titan and metal scene hero Corey Taylor and the straight up – no mucking around rock music from Josh Rand, Roy Mayorga, Johny Chow and Christian Martucci. But I do understand why they possibly felt that the track didn’t at the time belong on Hydrograd as the vibe of the song is very early sounding Stone Sour as far back as ‘Get Inside’ which was their first single released back in 2002, and Hydrograd has a lighter edge to it for most of the record so it wouldn’t have sat as well in the mix with the rest of the tracks. That being said, it’s cool that Stone Sour have not lost their aggression in their song writing and are still giving that kind of material to the fans that want to hear more stuff like it!

Words by Pete Herbert