VICTORS - 'Slow Down'

It's been a while since we tipped VICTORS as a band to check out off the back of their single, 'Two Hearts' and we welcome them back onto WTHB with their hot, new summer track ' Slow Down'.

With its familiar intro and a retro throw back vibe, it's easy to think "have we heard this song before?" and draw similarities to the 1975's 'Settle Down'. Although (in our opinion) the vocals are certainly sharper than those of Matt Healy. Despite the 'sound-a-like' comparison we are loving 'Slow Down'. It's new, it's familiar and so what? It's fresh. It gives us what any music fanatic wants, highs and lows throughout the song both in pitch and tonality.

The saxophone solo, well that is something to talk about, again The 1975's signature solos are by a 'saxist' (as I like to call him), named John Waugh. This use of instrumentation has be so renown and is near enough claimed to be their set style in their most recent album 'I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It'. But you know what, we don't mind do we guys? The way they use their sax player is off the charts so even if a bit of resemblance comes to mind, these guys have somehow managed to make the track unique in more ways than one which is why our ears are taking to it like a fish to water.

VICTORS have already had their fair share of success having one of their other tracks 'Tonight' played on This Morning and Hollyoaks and with over 1.3 million hits on Spotify. We are hopeful 'Slow Down' will push the band's polisheD sound further, finding its way onto many more playlists as an unforgettable  electronic pop anthem; best enjoyed in the sunshine. 

Review by Shana Jagger